Thursday, September 2, 2010

cover letter..

Thinakkaaran a/l Thamilchelvam
890,Kampung Setol,
Telok Air Tawar,
13050 Butterworth.

3 September 2010

Director of Human Resources
Human Resource Department
12,Jalan Petaling,
Petaling Jaya,

Dear Miss,

Application For Assistant Quality Control
I wish to be considered for the above mentioned post in you company. I am interested in applying for this position as I believe my qualification matches your requirements.
I have a certificate in Food Technology from year of 2010.For my further details of qualification please referee to my resume. Although I have no experience in this post but I will work more hard to follow up .I also don`t mind working at weekend.
I wish to get experience in this field with your company. I hope your company can arrange me for an interview to convince you of my suitability as the assistant quality control at you company.
I look forward to hear from you soon.
Thank you

Yours sincerely


Friday, July 16, 2010

the last time i cried!!

The Last Time I Cried!Well, when people question me about this,I would often answer that I had plenty of times that i's hard to say when and hard to recall back those times..but the day that i cried the most and the day that i will always remember is the day of my father's was a tragedy that happened 12 years ago which really ruined me and my family's life..but somehow we knew that it was dearest father passed away when i was 7 years old, leaving behind my mum and two younger brothers of mine..sadness,disappoinment,sorrow and tears flooded my family and i..that was the last i cried the most which i really cant dad fell sick after he met with an accident one day which then led him to lung was too late when we found out about it because the cancer was already at the fourth stage and nothing much could be dad was on medication,but as the day was passing the cancer grew worst and just by a twinkling of an eye he was dad left me and my family and went to be with the Lord.That was far most the worst day of my life.i wish i could do something to replace that day and to bring my dad back to life.Unfortunetely, there was nothing that i could do to change things.As months turned to years,i came to my realization that in life there's a lot of testings and trials that we have to go through and its never easy but i know that everything works for the good. i always use to question God, "why did you have to take my dad away from us?". i never got an answer till today and never understood why God took him away but all i know is that God has His own reasons why He had to take him.Everything in life happens for a reason,i may not know why it had to happen but i know that all these sufferings that i had to go through has made me a stronger and better person.This path of my life has never been easy for me or my family,i miss him so much at times till today.He was a great dad and a good friend to me.i feel bad for my mum as she has to be alone at times and my little brothers who had to go through so much pain at such a young age but i also thank God for giving us great uncles,aunties,cousins,relatives and friends that helped us so much in times of trouble.As the eldest son of the family,I also promised myself that i would be there for my family and try to be a father to my brothers so that they will not be in lack of love or go the wrong way in life.Having to go through the death of a loved one is the worst tragedy anybody could go through.For me,the day my dad died was the worst day of my life and also the last time i cried the most.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Life is full of thrills,
And life can be rough,
Yet life is full of chills,
And life can be tough,
Making decisions,
Fulfilling your dreams,
Choosing your future,
Isn't easy as it seems,
Dealing with pressure,
Dealing with school,
As people criticize you,
They make you look like a fool,
Drama and gossip,
Floating around,
People are talking,
No truth to be found,
Hang out with friends,
So the fun never ends,
Don't drink and drive,
..Maybe then you'll save a life,
Becareful who you trust...
Take a risk if you must,
Share all your laughter
Smile everyday
Forget all your problems
It's better that way,
Just know who you are,
Believe that you can make it
Live your life to the fullest.
And try not to break it.

all about me^_^

im thinakkaran where people always like to call me thina..studying in kuantan for food technology course but originally from jus 19 years old this year n ofcourse still looks young and love to enjoy this young life!!i hav two brothers who are still schooling..and a mom...sadly my father had pass far this is the less and more that i can share with you all peoples..will update more about me soon..till then tc!!